The Devouring God on sale today!

  • Posted by Angela Craft on May 31 2016

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The Devouring God by James Kendley is the dark and thrilling sequel to The Drowning God.

It’s been three years since security guard Tohru Takuda and his reluctant band of monster hunters defeated the Kappa of the Naga River. Now, a mysterious artifact is driving innocents in Southern Japan to flay their friends alive, and the grisly murders turn Takuda’s world upside down.  Disheartened and impoverished, he struggles to lead his rag-tag team to find the artifact before it poisons the entire nation. Takuda is caught between the police, the bloodthirsty murderers, and forces conspiring to harness the artifact’s horrible powers.

And all the while, he must watch his back, because the most dangerous killer may be lurking among his own men…

Download The Devouring God by James Kendley for just $2.99 today!

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Shadow of the Void on sale today!

  • Posted by Angela Craft on May 24 2016

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Shadow of the Void by Nathan Garrison is book two in the Sundered World trilogy.

With comparisons to N.K. Jemison, Michael J. Sullivan, and Joe Abercrombie, readers have fallen in love with The Veiled Empire, the first book in The Sundered Worlds trilogy. Now, Nathan Garrison takes the story to the next level Shadow of the Void.

The Veil has fallen . . . and the gods have been woken.

For many, a new dawn has risen, as freedom from the tyrannical Emperor Rekaj has created a land replete with opportunities. But for those who had lived outside the Veil for generations, the sudden appearance of a new nation is not cause for celebration–it is the cause for war.

Yet, even as the political machinations of men and mierothi and valynkar start to manifest on a global scale, there are a few playing their own games. Whether it’s the powerful combination of Vashodia and Jasside trying to carve out a country for those freed from the Veil, or the warrior Mevon and assassin Draevenus forming an unlikely alliance in search of the dark god Ruul, the world is in chaos…which might be exactly what some are counting on.

Continuing where Veiled Empire left off, Shadow of the Void shows us how individuals can shape their own destinies, but not necessarily control them.

Download Shadow of the Void today for just $2.99!

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Harper Voyager US — Open Submission: Update

  • Posted by David Pomerico on May 23 2016

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Hi, writers!

So sorry it’s been taking so long to get back to you all about the Urban Fantasy and Military SF open call we had last November, but we wanted to update you on where we’re at in the process.

The first round of responses are going out this week, and we should have a second round of responses going out in June. This should get us down to the last submissions we’re still considering, and we hope to get back to those writers by the beginning of July.

I know it’s been a long process, and we do apologize. There were a lot of submissions, though, and we wanted to make sure we were giving each one the attention it deserved.

Thanks again for your patience and submissions, and we hope you’ve been writing more great stories in the meantime.

Onward, Voyager!

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The God Wave and Woodwalker on sale today!

  • Posted by Angela Craft on May 17 2016


The God Wave by Patrick Hemstreet, “a flat-out astonishing debut” (Kirkus), is on sale today in print and ebook.

A team of neuroscientists uncover amazing new capabilities in the brain that may steer human evolution toward miraculous and deadly frontiers in this spectacular debut work of speculative science fiction—Limitless meets James Rollins—that combines spirituality and science in an inventive, mind-blowing fashion.

For decades, scientists have speculated about the untapped potential of the human brain. Now, neuroscientist Chuck Brenton has made an astonishing breakthrough. He has discovered the key—the crucial combination of practice and conditioning—to access the incredible power dormant in ninety percent of our brains. Applying his methods to test subjects, he has stimulated abilities that elevate brain function to seemingly “godlike” levels.

These extraordinary abilities can transform the world, replacing fear and suffering with tranquility and stability. But in an age of increasing militarization, corporate exploitation, and explosive technological discovery, a group of influential power brokers are determined to control Brenton’s new superbeings for their own manipulative ends—and their motives may be far from peaceful.

Buy The God Wave by Patrick Hemstreet now!

Woodwalker mm c

Woodwalker by Emily B. Martin, is a grand quest in the tradition of great epic fantasies – the perfect novel to start a summer of reading magical fiction.

Exiled from the Silverwood and the people she loves, Mae has few illusions about ever returning to her home. But when she comes across three out-of-place strangers in her wanderings, she finds herself contemplating the unthinkable: risking death to help a deposed queen regain her throne.

And if anyone can help Mona Alastaire of Lumen Lake, it is a former Woodwalker—a ranger whose very being is intimately tied to the woods they are sworn to protect. Mae was once one of the best, and despite the potential of every tree limb to become the gibbet she’s hung from, she not only feels a duty to aide Mona and her brothers, but also to walk beneath her beloved trees once more.

Download Woodwalker by Emily B. Martin today!

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