A Special Treat: Wallpaper from Kim Harrison's A PERFECT BLOOD!

  • Posted by admin on Jan 31 2012

We’re so excited to be getting closer and closer to the on sale date of Kim Harrison’s A PERFECT BLOOD (2/21/12)! In the meantime, we have this nice and shiny wallpaper for you — simply click on the thumbnail to download the hi-res image. Enjoy!

After you’ve downloaded the wallpaper, be sure to check out the first few chapters of A PERFECT BLOOD:

A Perfect Blood, Chapter 1
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 2
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 3
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 4

To read the whole book, pre-order A PERFECT BLOOD, on sale 2/21/12.

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Winners of the Year of the Dragon Robin Hobb Giveaway!

  • Posted by admin on Jan 30 2012

We want to give a big thank you to the more than 300 people who commented to help usher in the Year of the Dragon with Robin Hobb! And now here are the lucky 10 winners of Robin’s new hardcover, CITY OF DRAGONS, as well as the paperbacks of volumes one and two: DRAGON HAVEN and

Andrea Burns
Isabella van Veen
Kelly Golding
Melissa Skorupa
Norm Finlayson
Aaron Proferes
Amanda Cole
Nikki Diaz
Michael Jones
Josh Griswold

Congratulations to our winners! Please email “eosbooks AT harpercollins DOT com” with your mailing address, and we’ll send your prize to you.

Thanks again to everyone who commented! And be sure to pre-order CITY OF DRAGONS, on sale February 7th.



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Steampunk: Essential Kit

From the Deep of the Dark by Stephen Hunt - UK cover image
  • Posted by admin on Jan 30 2012

 The cover from "The Deep of the Dark" by Stephen Hunt   The UK cover for Jack Cloudie by Stephen Hunt

To celebrate the imminent publication of Jack Cloudie (PB) and From the Deep and the Dark (TPB), by Stephen Hunt, here are some suggestions so that you can make sure you have all of the essential Steampunk kit that you need…




1. Goggles


A must-have accessory in any self-respecting Steampunk aficionado’s wardrobe! This smart bronze pair with turquoise glass are perfect for commanding your own airship – or just looking stylish. The author calls them a ‘Time Travel Crazy Scientist’s Oculo-Vision Tool’ – we heartily agree! 

2. Jewellery
There’s so awesome jewellery – look at this ring!! I wonder if it comes with the hand? Anyway! Don’t be seen without the bling. On the nautical theme, how about an octopus necklace?
Octopus necklace

3. Weapons
The Kingdom of Jackals is a dangerous place – be sure to arm yourself with this awesome steampunked ‘Maverick’ Nerf Gun – complete with steam vents and flashlight. The blurb assures us that it is the same gun ‘used by our dear friend professor Friedrich Von Kreuzenberg , TIME TRAVEL specialist’ and that it will certainly ‘provide you safe journey to another dimension.’ Which can only be a good thing.
4. Gadgets
Every Steampunk musician needs the gadgets to go with their gizmos. How about your own Steampunk Guitar Amp. Custom built for that celebratory guitar solo when ‘You have just created something that goes against the very nature of the order of the cosmos in your laboratory deep in the bowels of your castle.’
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Read the next installment of Robin Hobb's upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS!

  • Posted by admin on Jan 26 2012

You’ve read the prologue–now here’s chapter one of Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS! The book is on sale February 7th, but we couldn’t wait to share the first few chapters with all of you. Enjoy the prologue and chapter one, then check back next week for chapter two!

City of Dragons, Prologue

City of Dragons, Chapter 1

To read the whole book, pre-order CITY OF DRAGONS, on sale February 7th (US/AUS) and April 23rd (UK)

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Howard Andrew Jones on Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles/NPR

  • Posted by admin on Jan 26 2012

Howard Andrew Jones discusses his favorite fantasy series, Roger Zelazny’s classic, beloved Amber Chronicles, over on NPR.

“I still love Amber as much as my friends love Middle-earth. The pace of the action and the unveiling of mysteries gallop with speed and fury that most authors can’t hope to touch. All the while Zelazny slips easily between gumshoe prose and lyrical word poetry.”

Full article is here.

Read some of the Amber chronicles here.

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